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Please visit the below link to view a TON of photos of Nicki Mitchell's village displays. Enjoy!

Through our website and Green Thumb Nursery Jill Dafesh found Village Addicts! Jill reached out to ask if the club could setup her Christmas village. On December 5, 2019 Brian Allen, Dave and Dayleen Dutcher and Karen Holley went to her beautiful home of Westlake Village lake to create a display. They sorted her buildings to see what she had. It is a mixture of many of D56 pieces and other villages items. Brian, Dave, Dayleen and Karen created two displays for Jill. One city display and one neighborhood display with a running train. They setup her tables and purchased lots of styrofoam. By the end of the day the villages had taken shape nicely. Brian purchased fabric to make a skirts for the tables and he and Karen went back to next day to finish up the neighborhood with snow and to install the skirts. Jill has done some amazing decorating for Christmas herself beside the villages. We hope to find a time for the club to visit there for an open house. We also hope that Jill will join our club! She would make a wonderful new member, and we would be very happy to have her. JILL DONATED $350.00 TO OUR VAA FOR HER APPRECIATION OF WHAT THE CLUB HAS DONE FOR HER THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON! THE DONATION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANK YOU TO THE DAFESH FAMILY!
Check out this Christmas In The City display from Bob & Annie of Orange County. 


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